Happy Hours

3-6 pm, every day
50% off two beverages (including beer and wine) when you order one appetizer


  • 1. Fresh Rolls

    Rice wrapper, tofu, fresh vegetables and basil.Served w/homemade sauce. Shrimp add $2

  • 2. Spring Rolls

    Deep fried spring roll stuffed w/carrots, shitake, bean thread noodle and cabbage
    Our spring rolls are prepared fresh every day.

  • 3. Crab Delight

    Deep fried wonton wrap stuffed with fresh crab meat,cream cheese, served with sweet plum sauce
    The wraps are prepared in the restaurant every day.

  • 4. Chicken Satay

    Strips of chicken marinated in curry,coconut milk,and spices, served with gluten free peanut sauce and cucumber salad

    chicken satay
  • 5. Chicken Wing

    Marinated and deep fried served with sweet and spicy plum sauce

  • 6. Happy Wrapper

    Sauteed shredded cabbage, carrot, chicken, prawn with sesame oil , served with crisp lettuce

  • 7. Golden Fried Tofu

    Deep fried tofu served with plum sauce and ground peanut                                                                     

    pot sticker
  • 8. Mixed Appetizers

    2 skewers of chicken satay,3 pieces of crab delight, 2 spring roll,and 4 pieces of Golden fried tofu

  • 9. Pot Sticker

    Dumplings filled with chicken, mixed vegetables, deep fried (Prepared fresh daily)                                                                    

    pot sticker
  • 10. Fish Cakes

    Spicy fish cakes made with red curry paste,green bean and kaffir lime leaves,deep-fried golden brown. Served with fresh cucumber and sweet chili sauce

  • 11. Prawn Rolls

    Succulent prawn lightly seasoned,wrapped in wonton, crispy fried and served with plum sauce